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Patient Testimonial By Judy S

My experience was outstanding! Dr. Rodenburg removed a fibroma on my lower right lip with excellent surgical skill. I had no discomfort or pain during the procedure. His assistant, Haley, was very professional and kind. I will highly recommend Dr. Rodenburg to friends and family.

- Judy S

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Patient Testimonial By Renee L

First of all, they worked me in for an earlier appointment than scheduled because the pain was getting intolerable. I was thankful to get in sooner and I did not wait very long before they took me back. I chose Novocaine for this procedure as I have had this in the past. This time, and I'm not sure why, I began to panic when parts of my mouth started to go numb. Dr Shearen was so calm and patient with me during all this. He monitored my BP the whole while, talked me through everything, and wouldn't proceed until he knew I was comfortable to continue. Believe me, a dental office is the last place I care to be. That said, I am truly grateful in knowing in time of need, we have these amazing doctors and surgeons and their nurses/assistants, who use not only their learned skills but their gentle demeanor, in making a bad situation into a good experience. I appreciated Dr Shearen's skill in both these areas. Thanks again!

- Renee L

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Patient Testimonial By Marvin M

Everything was great. Very friendly staff. Very professional in every way. Doctor Brown is very calming and reassuring to patients. No Pain

- Marvin M

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Patient Testimonial By Chelsea C

This place is great! I had previously been referred to another oral surgery place and they never had time to take my calls, didn't want to see me ahead of extracting my teeth which I thought was odd, sometimes even told me to call back because they didn't have time for my call, and they didn't need full xrays either which was nerve-racking! Then I was referred to here with Dr. Rodenberg and it was night and day difference! From the initial call with friendly/helpful staff, to my initial consultation with Dr. Rodenberg where he made me feel more at ease, to the procedure that went extremely well with no complications, and my follow up showing me healing great, I couldn't speak higher of my experience. The staff here were SOOOO friendly, very helpful in getting things coordinated ahead of time with my insurance, and made me feel at ease about a procedure I was EXTREMELY nervous for. Dr. Rodenberg was so great!!! I would recommend him and his team 1000 times over! Granted, I hope to keep the rest of my teeth.

- Chelsea C

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Patient Testimonial By Laura B

The inplant procedure by Dr Roddenberg was pain free and the staff was great as usual. The staff was very friendly and empathetic. Many thanks to all of you.

- Laura B

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Patient Testimonial By Mary Jo P

Everything. All of the staff are friendly and caring and Dr. Burns made me feel at ease and confident that I was in good hands. I opted out of general anesthesia and the procedure was painless and quick.

- Mary Jo P

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Patient Testimonial By Charles R

A very pleasant experience. Great staff (Haley, Jess, Sam) friendly and accommodating. Dr Burns was very good at explaining exactly what was going to happen and during the procedure explained what he was doing. I am 7 hours post surgery and have not experienced any unexpected issues.

- Charles R

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Patient Testimonial By James I

Dr. Rodenburg and his staff were very professional and talented. Communication before and after my visit was excellent. I was particularly impressed with a call from Dr. Rodenburg in the evening of the day of my visit, well after the office was closed. Thank you for the high quality of care that you provided.

- James I

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Patient Testimonial By Ron P

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Procedure went flawless.

- Ron P

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Patient Testimonial By Todd P

Dr. Shearen was great, made sure I knew what was going to be done and whole thing went way faster then I expected and was pretty much painless not sure of the nurses name but she also was excellent told me how to take care after extraction

- Todd P

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Patient Testimonial By Brenda K

You made me feel very comfortable through the entire process and made sure I understood what you were doing, why you were doing it, and how. I also really appreciated the phone call in the afternoon of my procedure as well as the call from Dr. Rodenburg in the evening.

- Brenda K

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Patient Testimonial By Irvin S

Wisdom teeth removal seemed like such a daunting process. To my surprise, the entire process was perfect. From the explanation to the actual surgery, the team did an amazing job. I felt absolutely nothing during the surgery. They followed up afterwards to make sure my recovery was going well. Besides the obvious soreness and recovery the entire experience was a good one. I actually enjoyed it!

- Irvin S

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Patient Testimonial By Regina R

Dr. Brown and team were fantastic - friendly, patient, informative.

- Regina R

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Patient Testimonial By Michael L

Everything went great. Really nice people

- Michael L

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Patient Testimonial By Mike W

My dental appointment was awesome from the start. I had a short meeting to discuss my procedure , insurance and any other questions I may have had. A few days later I had my dental procedure done with Dr Burns. Everything went better than I thought it could. I have had a few teeth removed in the past and this was my best dental visit I have ever had for this type of procedure. Dr Burns, his staff, the call later in the day to see how I was doing all just made my visit that much better. Five Stars times two! Thank You

- Mike W

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Patient Testimonial By Judy K

I elected to have dental implants. The doctors and the staff are very professional and I felt at ease about the process; the extraction and bone grafting by Dr. Burns in December and the implant process in early July by Dr. Brown. I had less pain than I expected both times and healing has been quicker than I anticipated. Everyone in the New Richmond office was very kind, helpful and caring. Thank You to all!!

- Judy K

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Patient Testimonial By Jayne W

You are all fabulous! You are right on time and made me feel very comfortable. You answered all my questions and were also really nice to my husband who was waiting for me.

- Jayne W

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Patient Testimonial By Diane G

Dr Rodenberg is a skilled surgeon who worked very well with all of my concerns. I'd recommend him 2 anyone needing a tooth extraction.

- Diane G

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Patient Testimonial By Adas Y

Thank you for all your fantastic work. I was in for an emergency. Big shoutout to Dr.Rodenburg's team and kudos to Hayley for your excellent guidance. This team is amazing and did an amazing job helping me out. From scheduling to guiding me to where I needed to go, and giving me all the information that I needed! A+ service! I was extremely nervous before coming in for my session, but after the consultation, I felt confident I was in good hands. Some finals notes it was encouraging to hear one of your female assistants say to me during surgery, "You're doing great!" After hearing that I felt so much pressure from my body release and before I knew my tooth extraction was over. Very exceptional work!

- Adas Y

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Patient Testimonial By Brenda B

What did you do well? EVERYTHING!!! The process was extremely professional, pain free and efficient. I have dental phobia due to the painful dental experiences over the years. Dr. Rodenburg at the Oral Surgery Center explained the technical medical reason that I likely experienced dental pain and assured me that he would accommodate according, He did. Dr. Rodenburg assured me that he would inform my regular dentist of my condition and how to appropriately address my dental pain. Now I understand why certain types of anesthesia have not been very effective on me for various outpatient procedures that I've had over the years. Thank you so very much!

- Brenda B

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