Insurance Information

If you have insurance coverage, you are required to pay a portion of your total expenses. This initial payment is due on the day of your surgery and shall not be deemed as payment in full.  As a courtesy, we will submit claims to your insurance carrier on your behalf. Depending on your surgery and your specific insurance plan(s), your surgery may be covered by medical and/or dental insurance, or not covered at all. Because of the variety of insurance plans, we recommend that you contact your insurance company, prior to surgery, to verify your coverage.


We are happy to assist you in obtaining the maximum insurance benefits allowed under your plan(s). Generally insurance companies will respond to claims within four to six weeks. Most insurance plans will not pay for the entire cost of your care and your policy may include limitations. You are responsible for fees charged by The Oral Surgery Center regardless of your insurance coverage.


If you have questions regarding your account, please contact our business team at 651-233-2141. They are well informed and happy to assist you.