Tooth Extractions

You and Dr. Rodenburg, Dr. MacMenamin, Dr. Brown, Dr. Burns or Dr. Shearen may determine that you need a tooth extraction for any number of reasons. Some teeth are extracted because they are severely decayed; others may have advanced periodontal disease, or have broken in a way that cannot be repaired. Other teeth may need removal because they are poorly positioned in the mouth (such as impacted teeth), or in preparation for orthodontic treatment.

The removal of a single tooth can lead to problems related to your chewing ability, problems with your jaw joint, and shifting teeth, which can have a major impact on your dental health.

To avoid these complications, in most cases, Drs. Rodenburg, MacMenamin, Brown, Burns or Shearen will discuss alternatives to extractions as well as replacement of the extracted tooth.

The Tooth Extraction Process

At the time of extraction your surgeon will need to numb your tooth, jaw bone and gums that surround the area with a local anesthetic.

During the extraction process you will feel a lot of pressure. This is from the process of firmly rocking the tooth in order to widen the socket for removal.

You feel the pressure without pain as the anesthetic has numbed the nerves stopping the transference of pain, yet the nerves that transmit pressure are not profoundly affected.

If you do feel pain at any time during the extraction please let us know right away.

Sectioning a Tooth

Some teeth require sectioning. This is a very common procedure done when a tooth is so firmly anchored in its socket or the root is curved and the socket can’t expand enough to remove it. The doctor simply cuts the tooth into sections then removes each section one at a time.

After Tooth Extraction

For details on home care after tooth extraction, see the page “After Extractions” under “Surgical Instructions”.

The Oral Surgery Center

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Patient Testimonial By Mike W

My dental appointment was awesome from the start. I had a short meeting to discuss my procedure , insurance and any other questions I may have had. A few days later I had my dental procedure done with Dr Burns. Everything went better than I thought it could. I have had a few teeth removed in the past and this was my best dental visit I have ever had for this type of procedure. Dr Burns, his staff, the call later in the day to see how I was doing all just made my visit that much better. Five Stars times two! Thank You

- Mike W

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Patient Testimonial By Jayne W

You are all fabulous! You are right on time and made me feel very comfortable. You answered all my questions and were also really nice to my husband who was waiting for me.

- Jayne W

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Patient Testimonial By Diane G

Dr Rodenberg is a skilled surgeon who worked very well with all of my concerns. I'd recommend him 2 anyone needing a tooth extraction.

- Diane G

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Patient Testimonial By Brenda B

What did you do well? EVERYTHING!!! The process was extremely professional, pain free and efficient. I have dental phobia due to the painful dental experiences over the years. Dr. Rodenburg at the Oral Surgery Center explained the technical medical reason that I likely experienced dental pain and assured me that he would accommodate according, He did. Dr. Rodenburg assured me that he would inform my regular dentist of my condition and how to appropriately address my dental pain. Now I understand why certain types of anesthesia have not been very effective on me for various outpatient procedures that I've had over the years. Thank you so very much!

- Brenda B

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Patient Testimonial By Brbara Z

The over all experience from the entrance of the Clinic to the initial visiting with the Doctor and his Nurses were the best. I almost want to have another tooth pulled as the Doctor was so funny and made me feel very comfortable. He even called the same day to see if all was okay and this was a beautiful Customer Service. Thank You so much.

- Brbara Z

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Patient Testimonial By Penny D

A great team of professionals. I had exceptional care from the whole staff, and Dr Rodenberg especially. They went out of their way to accommodate my needs completely. The follow up calls from the staff and Dr Rodenberg prove how much they care for their patients. THANK YOU!

- Penny D

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Patient Testimonial By Roxane R

From the initial telephone call for an appointment, to the initial consultation appointment, to the day of the extraction, I was treated cordially and respectfully by all the staff members. Dr. Rodenburg was most professional and simply fantastic! I was apprehensive about the extraction, but my fears were put to rest after the initial consultation. He gave me a number on a scale of 1 - 10 of the difficulty of the surgery, and that made me realize that he knew what he was doing, and that I had come to the right place...... and he was right! On the day of the actual oral surgery, at the end of June, it was 99 degrees outside when I left the Woodbury Surgery Center. I live in Wisconsin, and it really helped that there was an ice-pack included in the care package that was sent home with me! I received a telephone call from their office, checking on my recovery, and I wasn't even home yet. I appreciated the caring attitude and the follow-up call the next day. I would recommend this facility to anyone who requires their services. Thanks for your assistance!

- Roxane R

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Patient Testimonial By Patti A

Made me feel very comfortable very caring and friendly staff l would highly recommend your facility for anyone that needs work. Thank you

- Patti A

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Patient Testimonial By Jack H

Tremendous communication from the initial consultation after being referred from my primary dentist, to the confirmation call the day before my appointment, to the procedure and after care. They know how unpleasant teeth extraction can be and did their best to ease any pain and ensure I knew what they were doing at all times.

- Jack H

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Patient Testimonial By Gloria A

From my first contact with this office to the phone call from Dr. Rodenburg following my procedure, everything was handled with care. I will definitely recommend your office to anyone who needs this service.

- Gloria A

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Patient Testimonial By Andrea B

Our 10-year-old had five baby teeth removed, a frenectomy, and an uncover and bond. We were nervous about sedation and about trauma and recovery. Everyone in the office from the front desk to the assistants to Dr. Burns were kind, thorough, and professional. The office was clean everywhere. We're VERY pleased with the procedure, the outcome so far, and how we were treated. I asked the patient what you did well and she said enthusiastically, "Everything!!!"

- Andrea B

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