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The Oral Surgery Center

5 out of 5 stars based on 48 reviews.

Patient Testimonial By Jim K

Dr. Rodenberg is the ultimate professional. He is always meticulous in his preparation . He does a great job of explaining the procedure that he will be doing and the reasons that it will be done a certain way. In performing the procedure, he is a craftsman. I felt that his team really cared about me. He and his staff always followed up to see if things went well. . I also liked that they had time to chat and relate to me as a person.

- Jim K

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Patient Testimonial By Jason M

Very courteous service, friendly staff.

- Jason M

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Patient Testimonial By Gloria A

From my first contact with this office to the phone call from Dr. Rodenburg following my procedure, everything was handled with care. I will definitely recommend your office to anyone who needs this service.

- Gloria A

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Patient Testimonial By Molly B

Maddy and MD Rodenberg asked if I had any questions- I had a few which they were able to answer. They made sure to explain what was going on before they did it and what to expect. I was super nervous as this was my first time every being put under and they did so well. Thank you guys for making this procedure so easy, I was freaking out over nothing.

- Molly B

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Patient Testimonial By Andrea B

Our 10-year-old had five baby teeth removed, a frenectomy, and an uncover and bond. We were nervous about sedation and about trauma and recovery. Everyone in the office from the front desk to the assistants to Dr. Burns were kind, thorough, and professional. The office was clean everywhere. We're VERY pleased with the procedure, the outcome so far, and how we were treated. I asked the patient what you did well and she said enthusiastically, "Everything!!!"

- Andrea B

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Patient Testimonial By Thomas S

Everything done extremely well. 17 year old soccer goalie. Girls CGU 17 year old. Broken jaw, teeth pushed back. You will never know how much gratitude our family has toward you and your office. Timely and professional. From the field to the completion of the procedure we are amazed and thankful you treated us as part of your own family. Our emergency was your emergency. Never will forget the kindness and excellent care. 10 Stars!

- Thomas S

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Patient Testimonial By Jessica M

Everyone was very nice. They explained every step to me as we went along and answered my questions. The nurse called to check up on me and answer any questions. Dr. Brown gave me a call to see how I was doing the next day.

- Jessica M

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Patient Testimonial By Milt H

Great practice with and excellent staff and caring doctors.

- Milt H

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